Innovative Knee Replacement: Considering Stem Cell Therapy for Knees in Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re suffering from pain in your knee from osteoarthritis, you’re well aware of how debilitating it can be to live with this joint disease. Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition of the joints, and it occurs when the cartilage in your knee between the joints breaks down. This results in stiffness, swelling, and pain.

When Pittsburgh residents suffer from this condition, they typically turn to knee replacement for relief. While this procedure can help get you back on your feet and relieve a substantial amount of pain, there is another alternative to this invasive procedure: stem cell therapy for knees.

What is Stem Cell Therapy for Knees?

Stem cell therapy for knees is a new procedure for patients who suffer from arthritis pain due to degeneration or chronic injury. The goal is to help your body naturally repair itself with its own cells, rather than replace the entire knee with a false joint. Stem cell technology develops cells into another type of cell in the body, which helps tissues repair on their own.

Although this option is new to many patients—and some may be unaware of this option entirely—Advanced Regenerative Medicine is offering this as a better alternative to invasive surgery. It helps you to regain full motion of your knees and offers a much faster recovery period than traditional knee replacement.

Is Knee Surgery Always the Obvious Choice?

Since stem cell therapy for knees is so new in Pittsburgh, many patients will overlook this option. Although surgery is sometimes the obvious solution for severe cases, stem cell therapy is both safe and effective for knee replacement—and we can prove it. Studies have shown that patients receive nearly full range of motion with significantly reduced pain levels when choosing stem cell therapy.

The truth is that stem cell therapy can be just as successful as knee joint replacement. But the good news is that you can opt for this alternative while experiencing significantly lower risk. Stem cell therapy involves an injection, while knee replacement surgery requires you to go under the knife—leaving you out of commission for several months.

Which option sounds most appealing to you?

Find out if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy for knees by calling Advanced Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh, PA. Contact us today at 855-984-8287.

Advanced Stem Cell Therapy Advantages in Pittsburgh PA

Advanced stem cell therapy has yet to go mainstream in Pittsburgh, but it’s truly the future for various replacement surgeries—including knee replacement and shoulder replacement. Although advanced stem cell therapy isn’t readily available yet in Pittsburgh, Advanced Regenerative Medicine is leading the way for this innovative medical advancement.

What is Advanced Stem Cell Therapy?

Advanced stem cell therapy is the process of using your own stem cells to help heal parts of your body. From injuries to degenerated joints, advanced stem cell therapy has made a big difference in the lives of countless people in Pittsburgh, PA.

How Does Advanced Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Your body is made from billions of specialized cells that make up tissue, muscles, joints, and many other parts of your body. If an old cell dies, a new one is reborn to take its place. However, this isn’t the case if you’re suffering from an injury. The cells typically come back weaker, which results in a lot of pain and discomfort for the patient.

Advanced Regenerative Medicine uses an innovative injection to help treat knee and shoulder pain right on the spot. This is an excellent alternative to replacement surgeries, which offers a much faster recovery period while helping you return to your daily life.

Should You Consider Advanced Stem Cell Therapy?

Advanced stem cell therapy can be a perfect option to many patients in Pittsburgh. If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis-related pain, we have an injection that just might change your life.

Another consideration is if you’re nervous about going under the knife. Surgery is a risky procedure, whether it’s to repair joints or help with weight loss. Not only is advanced stem cell therapy a less invasive procedure, it is also proven effective for repairing joints from osteoporosis.

Lastly, this procedure also offers a much faster recovery time. Traditional knee and shoulder replacement surgeries can take around 2 months to heal, while some patients need up to an entire year to feel normal again.

If you think you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy, Advanced Regenerative Medicine wants to talk to you. We can help determine if stem cell therapy is right for you while guiding you through the process. Contact us today to learn more about how this procedure can get you on the fast route to recovery.

Speeding up your shoulder replacement recovery in Pittsburgh, PA

Speeding up Your Shoulder Replacement Recovery in Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re thinking about getting shoulder replacement surgery, you might be holding back due to the recovery time period. Shoulder replacements takes around 6 to 8 weeks, although some patients may need up to a full year to entirely recover.

The good news is that there are other ways to speed up the recovery process and get your shoulder back to working order in a shorter time period. Those who consider regenerative medicine over traditional shoulder replacement surgery can experience faster recovery times along with fewer complications. Advanced Regenerative Medicine offers shoulder replacement procedures to help gain strength in your shoulder while providing pain relief.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Work for the Shoulder?
The goal is to provide an intra-articular injection that combines StroMed and PRP. This has a large clinical impact on pain and inflammation that is caused by osteoarthritis of the shoulder.

Furthermore, within 6 months, the goal is also to re-grow hyaline cartilage to help the body repair itself.

Is it Safe to Receive a Stem Cell Procedure for the Shoulder?
While regenerative medicine and stem cell procedure is relatively new to the public, stem cell procedures are proven as a safe and effective method to help repair your shoulder. The key is to ensure that medical professionals are handling the procedure, which is why Pittsburgh residents turn to Advanced Regenerative Medicine for shoulder replacement alternatives.

Key Exercises for Faster Shoulder Recovery
Even those who opt for regenerative medicine can benefit from shoulder exercises for recovery. The overall goal is to return patients to their desired level of activity after the procedure.

These are the most effective shoulder exercises to help speed up recovery:

• Circular pendulum: Bend forward 90 degrees at the waist and use a table for support. Move your body in a circular motion and move your arm clockwise 10 times, then counter clockwise 10 times at 3 sessions per day.
• Shoulder flexion: Clasp your hands together and lift your arms above your head. Keep your elbows as straight as possible. Lower to starting position and repeat 10 to 20 times at 3 sessions per day.
• Shoulder external rotation: Bend your elbow at 90 degrees while lying on your side. Hold the weight and raise your hand away from your stomach. Slowly lower to starting position. Repeat 10 times at 3 sessions per day.

Consider advanced stem cell therapy as an alternative for shoulder replacement surgery. Contact us today with questions.