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Consider hip replacement alternatives to improve your quality of life. “You’re getting old” jokes aside, arthritis in the hip is no laughing matter. It’s a painful condition that makes even the simple act of walking to the other side of the room difficult.

The pain of osteoarthritis becomes debilitating as the condition worsens. It also becomes unresponsive to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, joint supplements, hot and cold therapies, cortisone injections, rest, or physical therapy.

This is when your doctor will want to discuss hip replacement surgery with you, and this is when you should be aware that there are hip replacement alternatives.

The Facts on Hip Replacement Surgeries

Within the past fifteen years, the number of hip replacement surgeries has skyrocketed in the U.S. 95 percent of these procedures are performed on patients 45 and older.

However, there’s also an increasing number of young physically active people complaining of chronic hip pain. Not surprisingly, despite their age, these people are gradually being steered towards hip replacement surgery. All without knowing the potential risks and overall effectiveness of the surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is a traumatic and complex procedure. Patients must deal with months of pain and discomfort following surgery as they attempt to regain strength and mobility. It can be 10 to 12 weeks until a patient can resume normal activities after hip replacement surgery.

Here’s an important takeaway. Hip replacement surgery is an elective procedure. There’s always the option to not have surgery. At least until you see how effective some hip replacement alternatives are. Stem cell treatment is an alternative to hip replacement surgery currently showing a lot of promise.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Arthritis & Injuries

Everyday, unbeknown to us, billions of specialized cells within the human body carry out degenerative and regenerative processes. Older cells die off. New cells are born from stem cells that live in various tissues throughout the body. These stem cells have the ability to renew themselves or turn into multiple other cells to repair damage as it occurs.

That is until we get older and serious tissue injury or a degenerative condition comes along. Common hip conditions and injuries include osteoarthritis, bursitis, osteonecrosis, tendinopathy, and labral or labrum tears. When these are present, an aging body sometimes can’t recruit enough of these cells to fully repair the affected area. The degenerative process exceeds regeneration.

How Do Stem Cell Injections Work?

The idea behind stem cell treatments is to amplify the concentration of an individual’s own stem cells in the part of the body troubling them. This is done by extracting already existing cells residing in high volume elsewhere in the body. Marrow blood containing these stem cells is withdrawn via a special needle inserted into the bone. This is a well-tolerated mostly painless procedure.

These cells are then concentrated and reinjected into the hip. The end goal is to accelerate the body’s ability to naturally heal itself to repair degenerated or compromised arthritic joints, tendons, and ligaments.

To a certain extent, we are using the body’s own natural repair processes to reverse the natural breakdown process that comes with aging, overuse, or injury.

With a same day stem cell injection, done right at our office, many patients are alleviating hip problems or pain without surgery. Even better, they’re avoiding surgical risks like infection and blood clots, as well as painful and lengthy rehabilitation periods.

Overall, Patients receiving stem cell therapy for hip pain experience little to no downtime from the treatment. In fact, most are able to walk that same day as opposed to being bedridden in the hospital for days post-surgery.

Are You a Candidate for Hip Stem Cell Therapy?

If you’re currently suffering from hip pain, and considering hip replacement surgery, contact Advanced Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh today at 855-984-8287. Find out if you’re a good candidate for hip stem cell therapy as a hip replacement alternative.