What are the Unique Properties of All Stem Cells?

Cells make up all living things. Brain cells make up your brain, your skin is comprised of skin cells, muscle cells form the muscles that keep your moving. Each type of cell is expertly designed to function in its own unique location. So, what exactly are stem cells designed to do? Well, as Advanced Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh has experienced, they can do all of the above—and more.
Stem cells lie dormant throughout your body in areas such as your bone marrow, brain, and fat cells. Once your regular cells become damaged through injury or illness, stem cells have the unique ability to replenish any type of damaged cells and heal your body.

But what are the unique properties of all stem cells, and what makes them so different than any other cell in the body?

Stem Cells are Unspecialized
Stem cells are essentially “blank slates”. Unlike red blood cells or liver cells, stem cells are not designed to perform a designated task in a specific area of the body. One single stem cell could potentially make up any variety of cell type such as skin tissue or heart cells. They are just waiting to be triggered by tissue injury or disease.

They Can Become Specialized

When needed, our “blank slate” stem cells can spring into action and begin to morph into any type of cell that is needed. Stem cells can become brain cells, gum tissue, nerve cells or any other specialty. No other type of cell is capable of this change.

They Can Divide and Renew Indefinitely

Unlike traditional cells, a stem cell has the unique ability to divide and renew itself indefinitely throughout the life of the organism, even after lying dormant for extended time.

In fact, when a stem cells divides into two, each half can remain a stem cell, grow into the same type of new cell, or even grow into two completely different types of cells. This allows each new stem cell to replicate, replace and heal various damaged tissue and organs.

Can the Unique Properties of All Stem Cells Benefit Your Body?
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